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Once you've signed up, you'll get linked to like-minded people, information and inspiration. We aim to get regional and local links for people to gather face to face, which will be getting started in 2016 at the 20th anniversary of Partners in Policymaking. Partners in Policymaking is a leadership course for people and communities who want inclusion to be a reality. Read what people have to say about Partners here.

Recently the network took part in a POET (personal outcomes evaluation tool) survey that looked at levels of caps being placed on people's budgets and restrictions of spending. This resulted in a report to remind councils of the ethics and what they should be doing as part the recent Care Act. We also developed from this a key messages document for families, which linked rights and what to expect under the law for those issues people raised.

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Last Updated : 08 January 2016. Page Author: philippa.barker.