Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool - POET © 

The Personal Evaluation Outcome Tool (POET)  is an effective tool to help measure the impact and outcomes of people going through self directed support.

Personal budgets, personal health budgets and education, health and care plans (EHCP) are now a core part of government policy and are a significant part of social care, health and education for people of all ages, it is imperative that we keep checking and listening to people’s experiences and working together to improve choice and control


Since 2011 we have published several National POET reports with Lancaster University, Think Local Act Personal and the Department for Education, sharing the experiences of more than 20,000 people with personal budgets, personal health budgets and their carers, along with children and young people with EHCPs, their parents, carers and practitioners.


We are currently working with a small number of local authorities as part of phase iii of our work, POET: 'Embedding outcomes'.

These local authorities are now in the process of embedding the POET into their IT systems to systematically complete at reviews. By routinely measuring and monitoring both process and outcomes – through people’s direct reported experience – the POET is able to produce a data set that identifies the critical conditions that councils, schools, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs),  providers, trusts and other agencies need to establish if they are to maximise  the   efficiency and effectiveness of the self-direction and choice and control agenda.


Using POET ©

By using the Personal Outcome Evaluation Tool (POET), councils and clinical commissioning groups can assess their performance on critical process conditions and outcomes for personal budget recipients. By benchmarking these against the national data set they can focus their strategic plans in areas that are attuned to local experience and where improvements will have most effect.


The POET has recently been revised and updated so that it is:

  • Simple and outcome focused: allowing local authorities to easily demonstrate the difference their intervention has made
  • Care act compliant: The POET captures outcomes aligned to 'well-being' and 'eligibility domains' and is part of a standard Care Act Compliant Review Tool, it is suitable for a wide range of interventions not just personal budgets including reablement and short term support.
  • Integrated: it works across social care and health, child to adult: across all silos and conditions

Access and license to use the POET is free as part of our Community of Change membership or £1,500 per annum plus VAT to access the POET. This will allow basic level access to the online portal so that councils can upload surveys and analyse findings with the aid of a user guide.  In Control offers the option of providing a short report with basic analysis to those councils achieving a sample of more than 100 responses of each survey type. This option also includes support from In Control, including:

  • Initial advice on most effective use and access to online and telephone advice
  • Facilitation of a stakeholder engagement session at the start of the process to maximise involvement
  • Facilitation of a post analysis planning  session with stakeholders to review findings and plan improvement action

If you would like further information about the POET, please  email us at or call 0121 474 5900