Isaac Samuels

July 8, 2024
Isaac 2

About me…

For the past 25 years, I have dedicated my life to reducing the barriers faced by Disabled People and seldom heard groups that are often overlooked. My work focuses on openly and honestly exploring these barriers and supporting individuals in re-telling their narratives in ways that empower and strengthen them. Rooted in sharing personal stories and helping others do the same, I strive to ensure equal opportunities for all, regardless of protected characteristics such as age, gender, or socioeconomic status.

I'm passionate and comfortable speaking about:

  • Drawing on social care
  • Drawing on health care
  • Direct Payments / Personal Budgets
  • Peer Support
  • Politics

I'm happy contribute, speak and present:

Face to face at events, on radio or television, in writing or parliamentary.

I am happy to travel anywhere with enough support and prearranged times and accessibility in place.

I would need a conversation about access, but typically I would need support and would attend events with PAs.

Get in touch with me HERE