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This is a connection page for event organisers, publication editors, news media and others to connect with a diverse range of people who draw on long term heath and social care to live their lives.

The importance of equality, diversity, co producing and inclusion is finally getting some recognition and we know organisations are looking to build strong, diverse teams.

Imagine if a conference on gender inequality had no female speakers, it would be criticised and probably draw protests. Or an event about tackling racism, had only white experts, rightly it would lack all credibility. How many policies, events and decisions are made in health and social care without the people who draw upon it?

So let's hear from people who are disabled or live with long term health conditions and let's ensure we hear and learn from their direct knowledge, opinions and experience.

making our voices heard

Here you will find a growing network of people with extensive experience based on drawing on health and social care who are willing to share their opinions, topical views, expertise and experiences at events, conferences, publications and with media.

If you need to speak to someone about finding the right person for your event, board, project please contact admin@in-control.org.uk and we can discuss options.


If you are a person with lived experience drawing on health and/or social care and  interested in joining our database of speakers and contributors please contact admin@in-control.org.uk for further details

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Andy McCabe

  • I have experience of Direct Payments
  • I sat on a local “Physical Disability and Sensory Impairment Partnership Board” for a number of years
  • I have a degree in Social Work and have given lectures from my perspective, as someone who uses social care to social work students
  • I currently work in a role with the Tribunal service working on cases of disability benefit appeals
  • I have given evidence as a witness at a House of Lord's inquiry
  • I have set up and facilitate a 'Using the Law' group, which works to enable people who draw on social care support

Sian Lockwood

  • I am a passionate advocate for small-scale relational community-led solutions that help other local people
  • I was previously the CEO for Community Catalysts
  • I am retired but still fight for personalised community-based support and services for people who need that help to live their lives
  • I am the Chair of the Coalition for Personalised Care, a movement of health professionals and people drawing on health services
  • I have recently helped launch the movement When I Get Old to bring the direct voice of older people

Hope Lightowler

  • I am Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Adult Social Care
  • I am a shared lives ambassador and various voluntary roles.
  • I have drawn on adult social care since I was 18.
  • I have lived in Shared Lives for five years.
  • I've also accessed respite/short breaks and PA hours.
  • I have Autism and ADHD and several mental health diagnoses.

Nadia Clarke

  • As a writer and advocate I have spoken at the UK Houses of Parliament
  • I campaigned for the right to a mainstream education during which I delivered a petition to Downing Street
  • I have spoken on the BBC and at conferences and deliver training to University Health and Social care students
  • I volunteer for the advocacy charity People First where I support the members to become self-advocates.
  • I employ my own team of personal assistants using a joint health and social care budget
  • I am supports to live independently in my own bungalow
  • I am a member of the Skills for Care PA Framework Panel.

Richard Currie

  • I have several years’ experience advising, testing and sharing real life experiences with organisations
  • I have given comment on disability issues to a range of media outlets on TV radio and written media on discrimination, welfare reform and social care
  • I work with local and national government to help develop policies and procedures to improve the life chances and self-esteem of disabled people
  • I am recognised as a local expert in disability issues and removing the barriers that enable equality
  • I offer social model peer support to other disabled and non-disabled people

Andy Walker

  • I have lived experience of drawing on health and social care.
  • I am a motivational speaker who describes my story of success and tragedy by overcoming the odds living with a high-level spinal injury after a diving accident
  • I run an international consultancy organisation
  • I challenge perceptions of what can be achieved

Sophia Erskine

  • I have experience of holding a personal health budget
  • I have a degree in Inclusive Education
  • I am a qualified teacher
  • I have a degree in Drama, Film and Television
  • I am passionate about inclusion

Kevin Healey BCAv

  • I am a campaigner for Autism and ADHD
  • I am an founder of two charities

Isaac Samuels

  • I am dedicated to reducing the barriers faced by Disabled People
  • My work focuses on openly and honestly exploring these barriers and supporting individuals in re-telling their narratives in ways that empower and strengthen them.
  • I strive to ensure equal opportunities for all, regardless of protected characteristics such as age, gender, or socioeconomic status

Iggy Patel

  • I am an ex investigatory local authority officer
  • I have knowledge of the Care Act and Continuing Health Care
  • I have specialise in equality, policy, section 149 duties, coproduction and case law
  • I have written a number of blogs and training resources