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Caring can be hard work – physically and emotionally. It’s important to find out about the different ways you can get help and support with caring.


One way to get help and support is through an assessment by your local authority social services department. Under the Care Act 2014 you are entitled to a carer’s assessment where you appear to have needs, this matches the rights to an assessment of the person being cared for. You will be entitled to support if you meet the national eligibility criteria.


Both you and the person you care for can get an assessment. This may result in help and support being provided to you as a carer and/or to the person you are looking after.

Looking after someone


Carer’s assessment

If you are a carer who needs support you should be offered a carer’s assessment by the local authority of the person you are looking after

Assessments - a guide to getting care and support


Assessment for the person you care for

If the person you are looking after is an adult and needs support they should be offered a needs assessment by their local authority. The person you are looking after can have an assessment no matter their level of need or their financial means. The assessment will look at their physical, mental and emotional needs. You as a carer are entitled to be involved in the assessment

Assessment information for adults and older people


Assessment for a child under 18

If you are looking after a child under 18 who is a ‘child in need’ they can have a Children Act assessment from their local authority. A Children Act assessment will consider all the help that your child needs, the needs of any other children in the family and the help that you may need to care for the child.

Assessment information for children under 18

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Other useful links

Produced by Carers UK, this page contains a wealth of information on the Care Act 2014 and how it applies to carers in England, including rights and entitlement.

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Produced by Which, this free carer's assessment gives unpaid carers the opportunity to receive support either as part of the needs assessment of your relative or according to your own needs. It also explains the differences that the Care Act 2014 changes have made.

Carer's assessment