Social Care Future

Social Care Future

As we know, there is a very big rhetoric-reality gap between the policy on personalisation and many people's real life experience. At a local level, too many people are struggling to get their rights to control their own support and are facing bureaucracy, lack of support, over control by the system. Many local groups and organisations are working as hard as they can to support people, but such support has often been decimated by cuts and is struggling to do all it would like.


#socialcarefuture is a growing movement of people with a shared commitment to bring about major positive change in what is currently called “social care.”  It’s for those who want to take part in imagining, communicating and creating together a future where what we currently call social care makes a major contribution to everyone’s wellbeing and which, as a result, will enjoy high levels of public – and hence political – support.


Those coming together via this growing movement include people with lived experience, families, professionals, managers, support providers, user-led organisations, politicians, commissioners, community groups and others.

In Control is part of the #socialcarefuture movement - read more and find out how to get involved here

Changing the Story

To build strong public and political support for change, Social Care Future is changing the public story about social care, about the lives of those of us who draw on its support today, and the valuable role it could play in improving all of our lives in future. Without bug changes to the way we think about social care, we and the people we care about face losing control of our lives and contact with the people and things that make our lives worth while and it doesn't have to be that way

Watch the film narrated by actress, comedian, broadcaster and international disability rights activist Liz Carr  HERE



Social Care Future blogs

In Control is part of the informal group supporting #socialcarefuture and as part of this we are hosting this blog series. Many people have been blogging and their own views through a blog series, about what much better social care should be and do, how it can do this and the promising practices that should be built on, grown and spread.


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