The Care Act - Degree Of Choice And Control Over Support (restrictions)

-You should have help to create your own care and support plan describing the outcomes you want to achieve and how you want to be supported. The local authority will agree this with you and give you a copy.

(Relevant care act requirements: 10.2, 10.31, 10.87, 13.27)


- How your needs are met is up to you.

(Relevant care act requirements: 10.47, 10.5, 10.10, 10.21)


- Your needs are not just about personal care your support plan should cover other aspects of daily life and you can look at lots of different ways to meet your needs including '"non-service" options such as Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) equipment, club membership, and massage'.

(Relevant care act requirements: 10.38, 10.48)


- Your council should set out your options simply and clearly to help you choose how you are supported, this doesn't mean you have to choose one of their options.

(Relevant care act requirements: 10.4, 10.33, 10.48)


- The council can't do everything certain health and housing needs are met by other organisations.

(Relevant care act requirements:10.23)


The council has to spend money wisely and meet everyone's needs, this means they have some discretion when deciding exactly how to meet your eligible needs but not whether to meet them.

(Relevant care act requirements: 10.27)


- The council can't set an upper level cost for different types of support, they must look on a case by case basis at value for money.

(Relevant care act requirements: 10.27,10.48)