Greater Manchester Preparing for Adulthood Network

Introduction to resources

This will be an active network for areas wanting to make the most of the energy and expertise across Greater Manchester to really improve support to young people, using the values and practices of person and community centred approaches to do this. It will come together every two months to share learn and draw down on some external expertise. It is suitable for senior practitioners, managers and strategic leads who are involved with young people as they approach adulthood, plus co-production partners. An outline of the sessions is below, but the exact content will be shaped to respond to participants. The network will be run by In Control - led by Martin Routledge - in partnership with Helen Sanderson, and with co-production partners.


The sessions will combine practical input in the key theme areas (including from the four original sites) with supported sharing, problem solving and action planning. In support of the network will be a web-based resource of materials, tools and resources relevant to the sessions. In addition to the face to face sessions there will be 3 webinars between sessions with content drawn from the key issues in the sessions and focussed on practical approaches and solutions. There will also be an offer of a specific webinar for those interested in exploring the POET (Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool).