The Care Act - Purpose and nature of the assessment process 

The assessment is there to help you understand your needs and the support you may get (where you can't do this the Local Authority must point them out).

-     The aim of the assessment is to identify what needs the person may have and what outcomes they are looking to achieve. (help people to understand their strengths and capabilities, and the support available to them in the community)

(relevant care act requirement -6.5)


-     The outcome of the assessment is to provide a full picture of the individual's needs so that a local authority can provide an appropriate  response.

(relevant care act requirement -6.5)


-     The local authority should establish the impact of [need] on the individual's day-to-day life....must also consider whether the individual's needs impact upon their well being beyond the ways identified by the individual.

(relevant care act requirement -6.14)


-     You and your family should be at the centre of the assessment (if you can't do this the Local Authority must find an independent person to help you). You should have a copy of the assessment questions in advance and a record of the assessment afterwards.

(Relevant care act requirements- 6.30, 6.34, 6.38, 6.98, 6.44)


-    The assessment will affect what support you get.

(Relevant care act requirements-6.44, 6.12)


-    Everyone has a right to be assessed (by someone able to do it well).

(Relevant care act requirements- 6.7, 6.13, 6.28)


-    The Local Authority must think carefully about the role of your family Carers, (they can't just expect them to carry on).

(Relevant care act requirements- 6.15)