The Care Act - Definition Of And Entitlement To A Personal Budget

- If you are eligible for long term care and support, you have a legal right to a personal budget even if you are in residential care. Your support should be arranged through a personal budget as a matter of course.

(Relevant care act requirements: 11.2, 11.7, 11.16, 10.7)


- You should be told before you develop a plan how much money it should take to meet your needs, and how much money the local authority will put into your personal budget.

(Relevant care act requirements: 11.3, 11.7, 11.24, 11.10, 10.3)


- It is you and your family who decide how the personal budget is used, regardless of where it is held.

(Relevant care act requirements: 11.7, 11.29, 11.3)


- You can choose how the personal budget is held, taking the money directly, asking the Local Authority or a care provider to hold it.

(Relevant care act requirements: 11.3)


- Your personal budget should be worked out in a way that you can understand.

(Relevant care act requirements: 11.4, 11.24)


- There must be enough money in the budget to meet your needs, you are free to pay more in if you choose.

(Relevant care act requirements: 11.10, 11.14, 11.24)