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Our Community of Change programme for health provides the support and expertise you need to implement NHS personal health budgets and self-directed support for children and adults.


Since 2014, people who are eligible for continuing healthcare have the right to have a personal health budget; any person with a long-term healthcare need can ask and NHS bodies have a duty to consider any reasonable request for a personal health budget.


In Control pioneered the concept of personal budgets and self-directed support and we are at the forefront of their development in social care and other sectors, including the NHS. Our specialist skills and knowledge can help your organisation to meet government requirements, and to balance limited resources and funding with the need to give individuals and families more choice and control. We are a main strategic partner to NHS England and a member of the advisory board for the development of personal health budgets. This puts us in a strong position to provide you with the support you need based on your stage of development.

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What's on offer?

In Control builds on and enhances the national support offered through NHS England and is for those sites wanting to drive implementation further forward. We offer more individual and practical support on a local level.

For example, we could provide modular training, facilitate collaborative workshops geared towards each stage of implementation, help you set out a new pathway, or provide on-site dedicated support from our expert advisers who will attend meetings and events or act as 'critical friends or mediators'.

Support is available through our Community of Change membership of a 12 month programme, or as a package of bespoke support.

Examples of bespoke support include:

  • Workshop days tailored to your stage of implementation
  • Dedicated on-site support and/or critical friend role
  • Mentoring for project leads
  • Individual Support Funds (ISFs) strategy and development.
  • Community Fund Holdings
  • Facilitation and development of co-production, peer networks and family leadership
  • Facilitation of local or regional support networks/action learning sets
  • Independent evaluation using the well regarded and nationally supported personal outcomes evaluation tool - POET ©
  • Pathway and policy development

Bespoke support packages are based on our day rate of £750 plus VAT. Discounts are available for longer-term or more in-depth programmes of work.

"In Control is supporting us to deliver our pathway for children with significant health needs and to create integrated budgets incorporating health, social care and education. This is an innovative piece of work and one that's very challenging so we're pleased to have the expertise and knowledge from the health team at In Control and for them to gently guide us through the process. There's a wealth of very good support available at a national level from NHS England but you can't underestimate the value of having someone there, on the ground to assist on a local and practical level. We're looking forward to seeing the outcomes of our work and hopefully sharing some good practice with other members of the health programme."

Trudy Reynolds, Project Manager, Personal Health Budgets, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

The benefits

Whether you decide to become a member or commission bespoke services, your organisation will benefit by:

  • Fully understanding and appreciating the ethos of self-directing health support, recognising the challenges of implementation, including the legal and cultural context and developing solutions to them.
  • Learning how to involve individuals and families to develop self-directed support to deliver real, sustainable outcomes with people.
  • Using tried-and-tested ways to approach support/care planning and finding ways to make best use of the local resources available, including those from health professionals and within local communities.
  • Developing a sector-wide awareness of your work and the work of your partners/ local community.

How much does Community of Change cost?

Membership of our 12-month Community of Change programme costs £5,500 plus VAT.

Members are able to purchase further bespoke days or places at our national events at discounted rates.


If you would like to have an informal chat about how our Health Community of Change programme could help you, please get in touch contact Admin@in-control.org.uk or call 01564 82 1650


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