Provider Organisations - Community of Support 

Our Providers Community of Support programme - 'The Big Connect', provides flexible support and services tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.


In Control pioneered the concept of self-directed support and since 2003 we've supported more than 400 local authorities and organisations in their journey to implement personalisation. Drawing on extensive knowledge, expertise and direct practical experience, we can support you and give you the tools you need to overcome the challenges ahead and bring about real, sustainable change.

We are passionate about ensuring that everyone has the support they need to live a good life and make a valued contribution.


This community is for organisations that see their roles going well beyond responding to tenders to “deliver care”. You see your role being about what makes life worth living, playing a positive part in the communities you help to serve through coproducing with people. You have you got things to share, and you want to learn from others.

Happy disabled boy with cerebral palsy  in wheelchair surrounded by father and older sister, laughing

What is it about?

Building from the work of the More than a Provider initiative, this community for providers will first focus on 2 “Big Changes” called for by disabled and older people in Social Care Future movement:

  • Communities where everyone belongs
  • Leading the lives we want to live

How does it work?

  • We will have monthly on-line opportunities to come together on line, to share, problem solve, support and inspire each other.
  • We will hold at least six annual “Glimpses of the Future” on-line sessions exploring how we make progress in community inclusion and “Gloriously Ordinary Lives – the content of these sessions will be coproduced with you
  • A Basecamp group will allow members to connect and follow up issues

Via these sessions we will:

  • Explore opportunities to link with councils with the same ambitions
  • Gather and sharing a resource bank of brilliant approaches, tools, examples
  • Map and grow a picture of what’s going on around the country
  • Join an optional annual face to face gathering
  • Create a chance to link and influence via Social Care Future’s wide network and activity

How much does Community of Support for providers @The Big Connect' cost?

The cost is £1,500 plus VAT per provider team for 12 months

If you would like to have an informal chat about how our Community of Support programme could help you, please get in touch contact or call 0121 474 5900


Community of Support flyer

"Having the expertise of an organisation like In Control, which has been instrumental in driving this agenda forward is invaluable, as is being part of a strong, active network of like-minded organisations that are committed to working together sharing best practice and tools to make change happen.”
"We've already had some training support from In Control, which really helped staff to understand the values and ethos behind personalisation and how we can ensure that the people using our services really do control their lives."

Jayne Bintley Communications Business Partner, Alternative Futures Group