2020 the year of Be Human!

August 6, 2020

It's beginning to look like "that time" of year again. For some this is exciting as decorations start going up twinkling & sparkly, some are looking forward to gathering with family others are dreading it. Some are simply looking forward to hibernation & rest, some hate this time of year for all the commercial madness, some dream of warmer weather returning and some feel the very acute pain of missing someone they love very deeply.

Whichever of these "someones" you are, you are human. We are all different and I want the New Year to be a celebration of this. It takes very little to recognise humanity, it costs nothing to be kind, its less stressful to be honest and law abiding, trust brings opportunity, being open makes life easier and connections make the world go round. These are the seven principles of "Be Human" that we are inviting all organisations to set their moral compass to in 2020.

Be human hive

In the New Year let's give hope not despair. Let's see how many will join in to some simple but very important principles. You never know, it might just change the world!

2020 the year of be human!