Choice & Control Under the 2014 Care Act

January 11, 2018

Community Catalysts have released an insightful report titled 'Choice Making Pathways In Social Care'.


In view of the 2014 Care Act - meant to increase the control people have over their care - the report looks at the choices people have regarding their care, how they access key information and advice, and the obstacles many still face in selecting the care they would like.


Head over to Community Catalysts to read the report.


We've also attached two documents we produced back in October last year, which can be found below. 'Promoting people's right to choice and control under the Care Act 2014' explores how local authorities are performing, and 'Key Messages' provide a useful summary of the things your local authority should have told you about the Care Act and the responsibilities they have regarding: assessment, eligibility decisions, the definition of and entitlement to Personal Budgets, and the control people should enjoy over their support.



Full report                                          Key Messages