A Life Not a Service

January 12, 2018

A new set of papers from In Control challenging all those leading integration work across public services to maintain and increase the central focus on people and their communities. It's all too easy when faced with structural change and transformation of culture to focus on system and process; we know though that this will only bred complexity and bureaucracy.

These papers stand back from the surge to build new systems and explain a focus around people and their real wealth and local communities and the wealth within local communities; investment in this is the focus of a new public offer and accompanying papers explore briefly what this might mean for a family in Wolverhampton.


In September we will be publishing a 3rd and 4th briefing, the first setting out a strategy for development and the second an easy read version.  We very much welcome feedback and discussion and look forward to working with as many as are interested in genuine, person centred and whole life approaches to support.


Please contact admin@in-control.org.uk and let us know if you would like to be part of this work. We will be in touch during August.


A Life Not a Service



Investing in Resilience and Inclusion Briefing 1



Investing in Resilience and Inclusion Briefing 2



Investing in Resilience and Inclusion Briefing 3 - How to build Person-Centred Integration