Meet Our Trustees

January 8, 2018

Members of our Board of Trustees have extensive experience of working within the health and social care sector and consequently play a key role in the shaping of In Control. Here you can meet a few of them as they explain why they support In Control and act as a trustee.


'I see In Control as torchbearers in knowing that to stay ahead of the self-directed support curve, they have to anticipate trends and respond ahead of time with leadership, ideas and thought. But sometimes the future arrives seemingly out of the blue and threatens to turn your world upside-down unless you seize the opportunity to transform.


So I see myself, along with the other trustees, as stewards of In Control. We will make small purposeful movement to the challenges of living well, for better lives. We will improve the society we live in and the way we work, the way we communicate, learn and understand as people. This is the reason I support In Control and leads to four fundamental principles that I hold dear: someone to love, somewhere to live, something to do, and something to hope for.


1: In Control focused action is: to develop, test, motivate and support new practice and cultural change for self-directed support - and to make self-directed support happen in communities and in local authorities.


2: Critical reflection: based on how it's really working for people who need support.


3: Learning together: helping to build communities and networks for shared learning and partnership, by working across agencies with local and central government, within communities and other organisations, and directly with families.


The future is in our hands and In Control is the best place to start preparing the sector for tomorrow's needs. That why I support In Control.'


Clenton Farquharson





'I have been a supporter of In Control since its establishment. The aims, ethos, values and standards of the Charity have had a significant positive effect upon the development of Social and Health Care services within this country. Many thousands of people are now controlling their own care and support, thanks, in no small part, to the tireless work of the Charity. It is for these reasons that I am proud and honoured to act as a Trustee of the Charity.'


Paul Davies





'I have supported In Control for many years because its core value is that those of us with support needs are the experts in how our needs should be met and we should be the ones in control.  What I bring to the party is years of involvement and campaigning in the independent living movement for us to be able to determine our own lives and arrange meeting our own needs through direct payments.  I'm a trustee to help the board keep the faith with principles of determination.  My working life has mostly been in voluntary organisations so I also bring experience that can contribute to the running of In Control.'


Sue Bott





'In Control is at the heart of the development of personalisation and its authentic delivery for children, adults and carers. This is important to me and I am pleased to play a small part in its important work.'


Andrew Cozens





'I joined In Control because I'm passionate about people with disabilities having control over their lives and the difference that can and does make. I also knew many of those already involved as staff and trustees and saw a group who were committed to making it happen. They were people of integrity and with the skills to influence and drive change.'


Richard Williams





'Working first hand with individuals and their families, often in circumstances where they are experiencing significant difficulties and obstacles to leading fully inclusive lives, continues to drive my belief that there remains much to do in order to ensure people gain support in ways that are meaningful to them.'


Stuart Lane



Meet more of our trustees next time!