Personal Health Budgets Guides and Information

January 12, 2018

In Control have co-produced new practical guides and information about using personal health budgets for children and young people for health services and their partners


We are pleased to launch four new publications about some of the particular challenges around introducing and using personal health budgets:


Personal health budgets and children's equipment - David Widdas and Bernadette Simpson


Personal health budgets and delegation of responsibilities - Bernadette Simpson and David Widdas


Personal health budgets and young people with complex needs - Nicola Gitsham, NDTi


Personal health budgets and joint commissioning - Claire Lazarus and Andrew Tyson, In Control


Each publication draws on the expertise of the authors along with a great deal of help and discussion with a wide array of practitioners and others that are taking forward personal budgets for children and young people with long term conditions.  The guides include discussion of the challenges faced by many involved in developing local approaches and systems, they set out a 'provisional' set of recommendations for tackling these challenges. Where possible links and examples have been included. The four publications can be downloaded using the links below.


It's really important to note that these are a 'first attempt' at documenting the challenges, work and examples and have been produced to help people take the work forward in to the future.  They have been published with support and funding from NHS England.  Many thanks to the many members of the PHB Team at NHS England for their help, advice and input to this work.


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