Personalised approaches to care – statement

August 6, 2020

Background As part of an ongoing programme of work to support colleagues across health and social care to maintain and champion personalised approaches to care and treatment, NHS England and NHS Improvement came together last week with a range of leading thinkers from the disabled rights movement, voluntary sector organisations, and specialist clinical directors. The current pandemic has brought into sharp focus the need for everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, to have the opportunity for their needs, wishes and preferences to be considered. This meeting was co-chaired by Baroness Jane Campbell and James Sanderson, Director of Personalised Care for the NHS, who have issued this summary statement. For further information email


The outbreak of coronavirus does not change long-established best practice that decisions around care and access to treatment, including end of life care, are made on an individual basis and with clinicians, following the principles of personalised care. Every individual should be provided with ongoing opportunities to participate in decisions that affect them. In relation to treatment decisions, patients should be supported to make informed decisions by the provision of clear advice on options from their clinicians, with family support or advocacy support if required and possible, and in compliance with the provisions of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and related guidance where relevant.  This means people making active and informed judgements about their own care and treatment, at all stages of their life, and recognises people's autonomy, as well as their preferences, aspirations, needs and abilities. This also means ensuring reasonable adjustments are supported where necessary and reinforces that the blanket application of do not attempt resuscitation orders is totally unacceptable and must not happen.

Baroness Campbell of Surbiton, DBE

James Sanderson, Director of Personalised Care  NHS England and NHS Improvement