POET Update

January 11, 2018

With 2016 well underway, we thought it was time for an update on the latest POET (Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool) findings...


Adult Social Care POET:


In Control are currently working with 12 local authorities to embed revised POET questions set into their IT systems and anticipate this going live in April, with the first data reporting in September. We recently provided data from POET to the National Audit Office for a parliamentary report to be published in the next few months. Following a recent meeting with David Behan at CQC, we have agreed there is strong overlap between POET and some of the customer survey work they undertake. As a result, we are due to work with their informative team to explore how we might collaborate further.


Health POET:


The uptake of personal budgets in health remains very modest at present. We are working with NHS England to promote the uptake of POET at Clinical Commissioning Groups to implement personal budgets.


Children & Young People POET:


We are coming to the close of this year's survey and have responses back from around 6,000 children, young people, professionals and parents. This is a tremendous achievement and will stand us in very good stead to build on the work so far as we move towards an embedding approach in children too.


Read more about POET here.